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Firstly, I learned that I’m not alone in my mistakes, because you whispered to me, in the confessionals of Twitter messages and emails, things you said no one else knew. One class of secret includes the shame you’re carrying around about how “bad with money” you are. Imagine this army knows things about you: your race and your gender, your address, phone number, how many people are in your family, how much money you make, what you buy at the grocery store and Target, everything you’ve written on Facebook, everything you’ve searched online, everything you’ve said in your emails, where you’ve been with your phone in your pocket and where you are right now.The other class of secret is the big secret — about how good this world is getting at sapping your money away. Imagine this army has run billion worth of tests on your species, in f MRI machines, to spy into your brain, discover what strings tug where, and use these strings to puppet your purchases.Let's fucking rap, man [Hook: Hopsin] Yo, check it This that high school lunch time cypher I might just step in this bitch and fuck ya life up I hope the principal doesn't come and give me a write up Now who the fuck I gotta snatch the mic from?[Verse 1: Hopsin] I spent a long time tryna build a buzz Hop is in the building, cuz Step to me up on this battlefield, you know I will erupt Didn't change, I'm still a nut The girlies see my skills are up So I be gettin' head every single night like a pillow does When a nigga be flow bashin' You know I be keepin it old fashioned My compassion is so tragic on instrumentals when I toe tag it Throw dirt on me?

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And because Virgin Mobile wants people to experience all the Virgin brand offers, the company will feature these perks from the Virgin family to Inner Circle members for a limited time*: This Smart News Release features multimedia.

The HMS Unicorn is the last intact warship from the 1800s, and one of the six oldest ships in the world.

New York should really rename itself Gotham City and rename their roads accordingly: "I live on the corner of Arkham and Batcave." There are the famous Dundee Penguins (above), a Desperate Dan statue that drunk students are always tripping over, a Lemmings statue to commemorate the fact that the original game was invented here's more statue than city.

They can see where in your brain you process something you think is cool, like the newest Mac Book Pro or a Lululemon model on Instagram.

They know the parts of your brain that increase in neural activity when you see the symbol of a brand you really love are the same parts that respond to a symbol of your religion.

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