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My ecologist friend, in his "Darwinian" mindset, jokingly exclaimed: "Oh wow, she's presenting!"You don't have to emulate an Animal Planet mating documentary to get a guy to approach you when you're out, but body language is important.What could potentially happen is if a man were to see you out and about, something about your appearance or behavior would turn him in the other direction.

Some girls might want the guy to "work" as part of the approach, but for every one of you who makes it tough for a guy to approach, there are women who make it easier to approach that a guy might go for instead.

She mentioned in her explanation that it was because, she comes off as intimidating to men.

Once she said this, I instantly agreed, because in all honesty she is.

And if you’re the only person eating in a bar where people are just drinking, then it looks like you’re just there to eat and get out.

Men try to dance with you, in just a friendly manner, and you push them away.

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