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The father also serves as a major clue as to why Ryan turned out to be such a bright cookie; he looks like an out-of-shape WWF wrestler.

Ryan's narration is comically stilted, very fake-sounding, as if he were reading off a paper - someone else's text!

(better known as John Denver) and La Donna Adrian Gaines (better known as Donna Summer); sports greats Gabrielle Christina Victoria “Gabby” Douglas (gymnastics), Hugh Edward Mc Elhenny (football), Alexander Chapman “Alex” Ferguson (soccer coach) and Don James (football coach); ESPN correspondent Colleen Dominguez; artist Henri Matisse; comic book artist Steve Rude; Nazi hunter Simon Wiesenthal; general-turned-secretary of state George Catlett Marshall.

Taylor became known for being one of the members of the cast in the MTV reality television series Life of Ryan.The riders include Scott Stevens, Austen Sweetin, Austin Smith, Austin Hironaka, (what is with all of the Austin’s?) Pat Milbery, Jordan Micholot, Chris Beresford, Jed Hoffman, Ivan Marcinko, Ben Bogart, Nic Visconti, Jake Olson-Elm, Zac Marben, Nick Dirks, Jonas Micholot and last year’s winner Jed Anderson.It also sounds as if he is addressing the mentally-challenged and 3 year-olds.The obvious acting in front of the cameras doesn't help either. There should be an extensive survey/study of skaters' IQs.

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