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If I wipe the hard drive and stick it back in, will it work?Or do I have to have certain files / directory structure?Information is provided in Before running Patch Set Assistant, you should check to make sure that your database is up and running and that the schemas you want to upgrade are at versions that are supported for upgrade.To check this, perform the following SQL command: " column is or greater, then the schema is supported for upgrade.For example, when it comes to Live updates related stuff, newly released Data Pack 1 (dt80_100E_win.cpk) contains only updated Player and Boot files.When doing its own internal updating, game takes all the other required files (see "Supported files" above) directly from core Data folder and then they become overridden by the appropriate Live Update contents.It seems that for PES 2017 Konami won't be using Data Packs to perform major updates to all the relevant database files (players, formations, transfers, coaches, etc.) as they used to do before.Instead, game now uses a combination of initial (and very outdated) core database files, some minor refreshments via data pack files (such as boot assignments and player appearances) and major updates of just about everything via Live update files only.

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If you are interested in creating new schemas or dropping existing schemas, you must use the Repository Creation Utility (RCU).It is NOT recommended to apply this tool to any existing community patches, because it is going to mess-up everything - this type of merging is only safe when it is applied to CLEAN, unedited database and datapack files and without any existing and heavily edited EDIT00000000.So basically, you'd want to use this tool if you're starting from scratch creating a new patch and you simply wish to have as many Live Update players, coaches and formations as possible, directly in database files.You can use the Patch Set Assistant to patch any component schema in the Middleware home from where the Patch Set Assistant started.Specify your database credentials to connect to your database, then select the schema you want to update.

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