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Catching up on your immunisations is easy, and often free from your general practice.

Women are practically trained to make this kind of response, but that does not mean that she will not have sex on the first date if everything goes just right.

People born from 2005 onwards have their immunisations recorded on the National Immunisation Register (NIR).

People born before 2005 may have some immunisations given since 2005 (for example, immunisations given at school) recorded on the NIR.

Such work seeks to identify the often hidden forms of contemporary inequality, with a view to change such power relations through individual, social or policy interventions.

I typically use qualitative research methodologies including a variety of discursive approaches and extend these analyses using quantitative methods. Primary prevention strategies for addressing gender inequality in Aoteaora/New Zealand: The need for gender equality education and better media literacy in schooling. Tibe Bonifacio (Ed), Paterson, J., Tautolo, E-S., Iusitini, L., Taylor, S., & Farvid, P. Pacific Islands Families Study: Intimate partner stressors and psychological distress among Pacific adults.

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