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The King County Department of Transportation is providing this information as a service to the general public.

While every attempt is made to provide accurate and timely information, estimates of the nature and duration of any particular route change or other event are subject to conditions beyond the control of King County and are difficult to predict.

Prior to granting such requests, please contact the Human Resources Office.

This is the fun one - the day is governed by these three main conditions: For an intense discussion of calculating Easter in general, with a short section on the special difficulties of calculating Greek Easter, see Claus Tondering's Calendar FAQ - but don't say I didn't warn you.

Under the Gregorian system, Easter can actually be in March, something that will not happen with the Julian-based method of calculating Easter.

Although the idea is the same for all four shoes, the execution for each was different.

They all are able to give off a unique vibe despite being part of the same collection.

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