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As of December 2016, National Amusements, directly and through subsidiaries, holds approximately 79.8% of the Class A (voting) common stock of Viacom Inc., constituting 10% of the overall equity of the Company, and holds approximately 79.5% of the Class A (voting) common stock and 2.4% of the Class B (non‐voting) common stock of CBS Corporation, constituting 9.1% of the overall equity of the Company.

The City Center 15 Cinema De Lux in White Plains, New York's City Center includes a waiting area with a TV, newspaper rack and sofas (left), a piano (center), and a bar and grill restaurant (not pictured).

In April 2009 he told Larry King at an overflow audience at the Milken Institute, in Santa Monica, “The people who fear dying are people who are going to die.

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With the fate of Redstone’s estimated .4 billion empire—including his controlling interests in Viacom and CBS—in question, William D. First, let us consider the question of Sumner Redstone’s delicate health. But he has been living for years with physical disability, ever since he was terribly burned in a March 1979 fire at Boston’s Copley Plaza hotel.He told King he worked out 50 minutes every day, without fail, usually by swimming in the nude in one of the pools on his sprawling estate, in the Beverly Park section of Los Angeles. “I eat and drink every antioxidant known to man,” he said. of CBS, and their executive teams as well as to shareholders of the two companies, because Redstone controls the majority of the voting shares of both.That includes “goji berries, Green Machine smoothies, and tomato juice.”And then there was the sex. Should his bravado fail to impress the Grim Reaper, a series of events will be set in motion that could lead to the sale of CBS or Viacom or both and dramatically change the calculus in Hollywood.Redstone's career as a media magnate began with his family's interest in the movie theater chain National Amusements.It was during his time with that corporation that he came to the conclusion that any successful media empire would be built on content, while other aspects of the media industry (such as channels of distribution) should be secondary to the foundation of content being distributed.

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