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The land comprising Noank Peninsula was acquired by James Morgan through a lottery in 1712. The fishing sailboat type known as the "Noank Smack" is indigenous to this village, of which the Emma C. Noank hosts the longest-running continuous Memorial Day parade in the country, held annually since 1875.

In 1879, Robert Palmer put steam railways into his shipbuilding plant in Noank.

The town was named after George Washington, who traveled through the area several times during the American Revolution, and proverbially slept in New Preston in 1781 [8]. Local residents provided a safe harbor for slaves fleeing captivity, and organized efforts to throw bounty hunters off the tracks of their pursuits.[10] Arcadian Movement.

Major William Cogswell, son of Edward Cogswell, was elected the town's first selectman. Early in the 19th century, small mills and factories proliferated along the Shepaug River in present-day Washington Depot, which came to be known as Factory Hollow. Gunn, the abolitionist founder of the Gunnery prep school, opened America's first summer camp in Washington [9]. The arrival of the Shepaug Railroad in Washington in 1872 introduced rail service to New York City, which brought an influx of new visitors.

The colonial saltbox house at 199 West Town Street in Norwich, adjacent to Bean Hill Green, is listed in assessor’s records as dating to 1724. Camp had come to Norwich in 1871 and became a clerk at the Ponemah Mill.

A sign on the house gives a date of 1723 and the name John Waterman, Jr. John Breed, a hardware merchant, in the store which proved to be his business home for the larger part of his life. Prentice continued the sale of hardware specialties under the old name. In 1874 he married Harriet Bell Blackstone, the daughter of Lorenzo Blackstone, one of the mill owners.

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He was born 26th Aug 1905, Berry, Harrison, Kentucky, USA; died , Sacramento County, California, USA. 2, pages 118-119, actually has name recorded as John T. Greene] born , Xenia, Greene County, Ohio; (1940 Census); died ; HAZEL KATHLEEN GREENE TINNEY HISTORY BOOK pg 10; [Ran away from home at 15 years old. Joined circus at Edwardsville, Illinois and quit in Abilene, Kansas and joined another circus & traveled through Iowa, Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, & Indian Terr., &c. Father told about him & a brother killed a little pig, roasted in the woods. His alleged first wife would have born five single children before she, herself was age 17.In 1614, the area was known as Nauyang (meaning "point of land") and was a summer camping ground of the Pequot people. His company became one of the largest in the United States at the time for making wooden ships, building one thousand vessels ranging from fishing boats to sound steamers.The Pequots were taken under English protection in 1655 following the Pequot War. The community grew from a tradition of fishing, lobstering, and boat-building and has more ship and boat yards than churches. In 1854 he represented the old eighth senatorial district at the state capitol, and served on the committee on state prisons as chairman. The year 1877 again found him at the capital of the state, this time as the representative of his city in the lower branch of the legislature. The house at 124 Washington Street in Norwich was built c. By the turn of the century it was the home of Frederick Sewall Camp (1848-1907) and his family. He has been senior director of the First National Bank of Norwich for over twenty-five years. Prentice is a director in the Richmond Stove Company, and other companies of lesser note, and is a trustee of the Norwich Free Academy. Prentice’s stamp must expect to have official stations tendered them for acceptance. He was equal to all the responsibilities of the occasion, and nothing occurred to mar the festivities of the day. Prentice served his constituents so satisfactorily that he was re-elected the following year. Upon her death in 1957, Allis left the house to the NFA and it now serves as the Academy’s administration building.

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