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It’s important to check in and see what they’re up to once in a while.The concept is pretty simple: you take a photo and send it to a friend, and they can view the image for up to 10 seconds before it deletes itself. We do this by having our kids charge their devices in a common area of the house every night. How much is up to you, but I recommend every couple of days.L’app preferita dai giovanissimi è un po’ più sicura: introdotta la possibilità di rivedere una foto o video.Per prevenire quanto possibile messaggi sgradevoli. Anche se per una sola volta al giorno, e rimanendo nella stessa sessione.A purported Tweet from Caro’s Twitter account also appears to be a fake, investigators found.

Patrick Ryder, commanding officer of Asset Forfeiture and Intelligence unit, told reporters during a news conference Thursday at the department’s police academy in Massapequa Park.E ora il valore della startup, che Facebook vuole, potrebbe anche salire POTREBBE SEMBRARE una mossa non troppo importante. E invece, nel complicato ecosistema delle app di instant messaging, il comparto di più ampio successo del 2013, è un segnale essenziale.Snapchat, la patria dei teenager, l’applicazione che permette di spedirsi foto e video in grado di autodistruggersi nel giro di pochi secondi, esce dal mondo dell’effimero. Whatever your child is using to access the internet and play games is what you’ll be using. It’s up to you to educate yourself by using the apps yourself or learning to monitor them. I advise teaching your child to make smart decisions instead of deleting apps, but this is definitely a personal/family decision. Facebook used to be a great place for kids to find cool memes, but with apps like 9GAG and i Funny (see more on them below), they don’t need to hang out on Facebook anymore. But we all know that kids can bypass this with a simple “yes.” Because users are supposed to be 13 years or older when they use the app, there are no parental controls. I am trying to pull together as many apps as I can for you, and then send you to the responsible sites that have written about them for more information. Since most kids don’t do that, I’m not going to assume they do. Kids are moving to these apps for one reason–their parents aren’t there. I don’t delete apps unless I feel that my child isn’t mature and responsible enough to use them appropriately. Though it used to be where all the kids hung out, they’re slowly leaving because it’s where their parents hang out, as well.

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